A few Belize pics

Last week Nathan took his last trip of the year to Belize, so Abby, Phoebe, Hudson, and I tagged along.  We had a really nice time!  The weather was in the eighties, so it was much cooler than last year when I was there.  We spent Saturday at the beach and then came home to thirty degrees and snow on Sunday!  Here are a few pictures, but I don’t have them all off the camera yet. 

This was Hudson’s first stay at the Bull Frog Inn.  This is my favorite picture of the trip!  If only he’d been wearing a yellow onesie!

Phoebe and Hudson took turns looking out the plane window.  We sang Barney’s airplane song about 100 times.  I’m sure the other passengers thoroughly enjoyed the concert.

Flooding in Belize is really bad right now so we had to take a different route from the airport to Belmopan.  Here is some of what we drove through in Belize City.   Everyone was just doing their own thing.

This scene reminded me of Haiti.  A giant truck barrelling down the center of the road…right towards us. 


Is that Abby?  Homeschooling in a bar?!?!  Only in Belize!

The Bull Frog Inn’s open air restaurant/bar is where we ate most of our meals, checked email, did schoolwork, etc.  Phoebe didn’t acclimate very well on this trip.  We left most places in humiliation.  On this particular day I decided she could sit at her own table and color.  She chose one far away from us.

Hudson was a hit with the ladies.  By Wednesday he would start crying as soon as we sat him in the high chair because he knew if he showed any signs of unhappiness one of the waitresses would pick him up and carry him around while she worked. He was REALLY working it! At the end of the week they asked if they could keep him, but I said, “No way!”  Then I offered to let them keep Phoebe and they said, “NO WAY!” 

Phoebe and Hudson on the swingset in front of the motel.

A giant pinching bug!  His pincers had been torn off and were lying nearby.  They were 3-4 inches long!

Later I’ll try to get some beach pictures up and a video of our time with our jungle friends. 

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