Since 2001, Ginger Truitt’s award-winning column has appeared weekly in Midwest newspapers. She has also been published in Chicken Soup for the Soul, Not Your Mother’s Book on Sex, Bedpan Banter (an anthology of medical humor), church newsletters, her high school newspaper, and most notably, the Barry Manilow fan club magazine.

With five kids, Ginger spends most of her time snuggling the littles, laughing with the middles, and texting with the oldest.   In her “spare time” she enjoys reading, writing, and eating chocolate. Sometimes, late at night, she takes out the sparkly tiara she won as Mrs. Boone County and wears it while surfing the web.

She boasts an impressive array of refrigerator magnets from her various travels, and an equally impressive collection of dust bunnies from all the places her broom has never traveled.