Alex’s big adventure

I had kind of thought that as my kids got older, life would become less complicated.  However, it continues to be one thing after another!!  (see posts below on Shelby’s surgery) Two weeks ago, I had a routine check up with my cardiologist.  My ekg showed a little glitch, so they asked me to stay for an echocardiogram.  I was going to be waiting for several hours, so Nathan left work and went home to stay with Abby, Phoebe, and Hudson so his mom could go to work.  

He had been home around an hour when the high school called to report that Alex had run into another guy while playing basketball in PE, and had possibly broken his foot.  They drove to an Indianapolis hospital, where I saw them while waiting for my test!   

Turns out my heart is perfect, praise the Lord!  I figured it was, but during those hours of waiting you start to imagine all sorts of possibilities.  Alex didn’t fare so well.  His foot and ankle are broken.   At 6’5″, he gets asked every day if he plays basketball.  I don’t know how many times he has to say, “NO! I don’t play basketball!”  Here’s the proof!  (these are size 15 feet, in case anyone is wondering)

Doesn’t every teenaged boy prefer a hot pink cast? 

He uses crutches at school, and leaves the shoe off because the shoe is NOT cool!

Due to swelling, the pink cast became too tight and his toes started bruising and feeling numb, so he now has a sporty black cast with metallic signatures.  I’ll have to get that picture tonight. 

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