Memories Not For Sale

My dad called to let me know he found a buyer for the old family homestead. I was last there ten years ago, right after the death of my precious grandmother. The house was going to be rented, and my job was to clean it before the new tenants arrived. The task proved to be […]

My Ricky Schroder Fantasy

Recently, I was perusing my junior high yearbooks when I found the following inscription from 1983: “Gingeretta, you’d make a gorgeous model, ya know. I think Ricky Schroder doesn’t know what he’s been missing! You’re really sweet. I hope you stay that way. Someday, when you’re a rich, famous model, and I’m a rich, famous […]

Pretty girls say the darndest things!

“Your articles are so cream-puff. Does a substantial thought ever flit through that head of yours?” “I shan’t subject myself to your unladylike writings any longer! You have offended my delicate sensibilities by using the word poop!” “Why do you hate puppies and small children?” It might surprise you that in the twelve years I […]

Chocolate: Here Today, Gone Today

On occasion, I will hear some freakish woman declare that she doesn’t like chocolate!! I can’t comprehend this odd phenomenon, and in fact, I’m not entirely sure those women are human. The next time I hear one utter the words, “I don’t care for chocolate,” I’m going to tackle her to the ground and rip […]

My Father’s Daughter

Hubby regularly reminds me, “You are your father’s daughter!”   It seems I have inherited my dad’s knack for getting injured in the most innocent of circumstances.  He will stop by for a visit, and one of the kids will say something like, “Grandpa! Why is there a huge, gaping hole in your head?” His response […]

Dear Principal, I love you!

In the course of growing up, we often innocently do the most absurd things.  I have a number of cringe-worthy moments in my life that cause me to look back and say, “Dear God, why didn’t you stop me?” Mostly, I try not to look back, preferring to keep those things hidden away, only to […]

Sleepless days and sleepless nights

Recently, many of my Facebook friends have become new mommies. When I read their posts, I can practically hear the exhaustion in their voices. But it is an exhaustion that is overshadowed by love. I’ve got five kids, so I totally get it. Two of mine are adults now, and the youngest just turned five, […]

Never Say Never

I made a major life change this week.  It was one of those things I said I’d never do.  I don’t know why I even bother uttering the words. “I’ll never do that,” because nine times out of ten I let myself down. Sometimes, I have even been haughty in my declarations.  I once told […]

Connecticut this Christmas

Once upon a time there was a mother of many children, but she did not live in a shoe.  She lived in a comfy old farmhouse on the outskirts of town.   To her, Christmas has always been the most wonderful time of year! As luck would have it, her birthday fell five days before Christmas in […]