Team Muffin Top

People often tell me that in real life, I look nothing like my pictures. That’s because in real life you see me as I am…kinda goofy, kinda pudgy (5’4″ and in all of these pics 175lbs–currently I am at 158 (woo hoo!)), and in general I don’t walk around with my head tilted back enough […]

More Stubborn than a Red Headed Octopus

My oldest child is a redhead, also known as a “ginger kid.” They say ginger kids do not have souls, but I know for a fact that she does. She stole mine during the potty training years. I had hoped to have her trained before her baby brother arrived, but I might as well have […]

Cutting the Technological Apron Strings

My college daughter and I were chatting on Facebook when for some reason she decided to text me. Apparently, it takes two modes of technological communication to equal the satisfaction of one real life conversation. I responded, “I like how we are simultaneously Facebooking and texting each other. One of these days, you will need […]

The Twisted Fantasies of a Quaker Boy

Nearly a quarter of a century in a relationship with a Quaker boy has certainly had its interesting moments.  I grew up with a strict religious background, but not as strict as his.  For example, I was allowed to watch Happy Days, but I had to turn down the volume during the theme song due […]

The Big Ugly Experience

Sometimes, I forget to be a good mom and will neglect to do things like warn my nine-year-old son that if he partakes of the American Legion’s All-You-Can-Eat Biscuit and Gravy Breakfast, he probably shouldn’t enter the festival pizza eating contest a few hours later. He was downing a third slice when I noticed a […]

It’s time for Family Feud!

In spite of what the title suggests, this article is not about the in-laws, or the outlaws, or even my sister. A few months ago, my Aunt Shirlee decided to pursue her lifelong dream of being on the game show, Family Feud. With the surname of Pickel, pronounced just like the small cucumber preserved in […]

Amber hues of moody blues

When I was a kid, I had a mood ring that was perpetually blue, signifying contentment and peace. That is, unless my younger sister was getting into my stuff; then it would turn as black as the midnight sky… It’s a good thing I haven’t been wearing a mood ring the past few weeks because […]

Memories Not For Sale

My dad called to let me know he found a buyer for the old family homestead. I was last there ten years ago, right after the death of my precious grandmother. The house was going to be rented, and my job was to clean it before the new tenants arrived. The task proved to be […]

My International Clock Gallery

Each clock is set to a significant place in our travels. The Daddy clock will always be set to wherever he is traveling. Right now, it’s set to Home time!!