Life changes drastically for housewife from the Heartland!

Six short years ago, Ginger Truitt was an average Midwest housewife. As the wife of one, and mother of three, she spent most of her time homeschooling, attending church functions, and cooking for a family that insisted on eating every single day. She enjoyed a pleasant view from her kitchen window, watching corn in its various stages of growth. […]

Grandma’s Red Velvet Cake

Having a December birthday means that I grew up having a Red Velvet Cake every year!  Here we are on my 13th birthday.  Mom not only made the cake, but she also made my blouse and skirt! She was quite a talented woman.  For some reason, this past holiday season, I didn’t manage to make […]

Fun Food Day!

After avoiding it as long as possible, I finally gave in to the Pinterest craze!  While there, I discovered a website featuring fun foods for kids.  So, today I made a Tow Mater sandwich for Hudson!  Here is a link to the instructions: Tow Mater SandwichAnd here is my final product! Later, we let Phoebe choose […]

Grandma Died on Facebook

I’m awake before dawn, trying to get this article zipped up and submitted so I can focus on the tasks before me.  I’m thankful for the greeting of a crisp, clear, autumn morning for this is the day we will bury my grandmother. I was blessed to have been born with eight living grandparents.  Over […]

Abby’s German shopping trip

A new teen trend, which I love!  Tights under skirts and shorts. 

Our Christmas Party

This was our twelfth annual Christmas party.  It started years ago with taking a few friends to see Bethesda’s Living Christmas Tree and then coming back to our house for snacks.  Over time it grew to taking fifty+ people to the tree, and trying to coordinate everything so that the food was ready when we […]

A Valentine’s Day that didn’t stink–as much!

Originally printed in The Lebanon Reporter, The Paper, and The Weekly–2-15-10 Of the 21 Valentine’s Days that hubby and I have celebrated, this year was by far the most romantic! Our first Valentine’s Day was spent in a snowstorm, without electricity, in a smelly cow barn complete with cow patties underfoot. Since then, it’s been […]

Amoxicillin Rebellion

Over the years I have come to count on the fact that even if my children refused every other medicine, they would always gladly take pink Amoxicillin!  We try not to use it unless absolutely necessary, but Hudson has had some issues that require an antibiotic.  However, HE is not as willing as his siblings to take […]

Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

A few weeks ago our church family took a Sunday afternoon trip to Anderson Orchard.  Nathan and Alex had just left that morning for Belize, and Shelby had to work, but I went with Abby, Phoebe, and Hudson.  It was very crowded but we had such a pleasant time!  The weather was perfect.   Here are […]