Kind of sort of an update

I think about this website quite a bit. I think about how I should update it, change the name, make it more interesting like my Facebook page, which you can find here: Ginger Lumpkin But I continue to let it sit because making my website match my current life will be an arduous task. My […]

Team Muffin Top

People often tell me that in real life, I look nothing like my pictures. That’s because in real life you see me as I am…kinda goofy, kinda pudgy (5’4″ and in all of these pics 175lbs–currently I am at 158 (woo hoo!)), and in general I don’t walk around with my head tilted back enough […]

Hark! The Herald Angels Tweet

More than the scent of holly and pine More than the sight of red bows and twine More than the feel of snow on my cheeks More than the taste of freshly baked treats The sounds of Christmas make me aware Of peace and good cheer filling the air Are you listening? Sleigh bells ring […]

Religious about Jell-O

Over the years, I have amassed quite a collection of church cookbooks, starting with one handed down from my grandmother, all the way through last week when I purchased four from the church I now attend. They are generally bound with black, plastic, binding combs. Although, some of the newer ones are in fancy three-ring […]

OMG! A Weekend in New England!

At the age of 15, I had my first piece published in the Barry Manilow fan club newsletter. And so, it was his song Weekend in New England that played in my head as I made my trip to Connecticut for the conference of the National Society of Newspaper Columnists. In my mind, New England is a […]

Remembering my mentor and friend

I am often asked how I got started writing a weekly column.  Many folks assume that I have a degree in journalism, and that this gig is something I picked up on the way to a more serious newspaper career. The truth is, I intended to become an English teacher, but dropped out of college […]

Aging Gracelessly

At forty-three years old, it’s probably time to stop saying, “when” I become middle-aged, and accept that I’ve arrived. I don’t know what the official marker is for middle-aged, but I seriously doubt I’m going to make it to eighty-six. I have found that aging is actually kind of fun because all of my peers […]

A Sweet Valentine’s Giveaway!

And the winner is:  I had so much fun hitting the “Choose a winner” button that I decided to choose three!   Linda will be receiving the pink frilly heart!!!  Amy and Mindy will be choosing from the Donaldson’s Chocolates website. Thank you to everyone who entered!  We will do it again soon!!     […]

My ear candle experience

I wrote this article seven years ago for my weekly newspaper column.  I’m a little embarrassed by the quality of writing so it won’t go on my website.  Fortunately, I have learned much over the years!   The reason I am posting it here is because it seems folks are always asking about ear candles, […]