OMG! A Weekend in New England!

At the age of 15, I had my first piece published in the Barry Manilow fan club newsletter. And so, it was his song Weekend in New England that played in my head as I made my trip to Connecticut for the conference of the National Society of Newspaper Columnists. In my mind, New England is a […]

Exciting times in Panama!

I am so behind! (The date on this post is wrong.  It is actually June 7)  These pictures were taken in Panama over spring break.  (the country of Panama, not Panama City Beach!) Since that time we’ve spent three weeks in Germany, and I am currently in Belize.  I also managed to fit the Erma Bombeck […]

To Diane

One of my faithful readers is my online friend Diane, whom I would dearly love to meet in real life!  Her blog is  Anyway, Diane, while we are here in Germany we are renting an apartment from some missionaries who are home on furlough.  I have tried to be careful not to post photos of the […]

See two previous posts for explanation!

Pictures from Sans Souci post below

Five of the six wonderful students that were so helpful!  I wish them all the best in their studies at Cambridge!  They are studying to be lawyers, doctors, and engineers and will pursue their careers in Malaysia.    Michelle, Liam, Howie, Paul…and I’m kicking myself for not remembering the other two names!  Sorry, guys!! Here are […]

New friends & Sanssouci palace

Nathan is working in Berlin, Germany for two weeks and the toddlers and I have tagged along on the trip!  I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything more festive and beautiful than Christmas time in Berlin!  I have been updating my FaceBook account every day with new pictures, but have been terribly slack with my blog.  […]

Tarantula-proof of the power of peer pressure!

On our family’s first trip to Belize, over two years ago, we lived for two months in a house known around the neighborhood as the “tarantula yard.”  The kids learned that after dark you can take a flashlight and go tarantula hunting, startling the tarantulas with the light and then picking them up.   They were […]

Belize Mission Trip

Belize Mission TripThe week of June 7-14th we had the privilege of sharing Belize with our church family and Nathan’s bluegrass group.  In total, there were 24 on the team.  Having the band gave us something to offer so that we were able to get into some unique venues to share the gospel.  They were […]

More Belize

Here are pictures from June 1-7th, before the mission team came to Belize.  Earlier pictures and an explanation of our time are in the previous post.  All the dates on the actual pictures are incorrect. After spending our first night in a beach resort, going to the Bullfrog Inn in Belmopan was not fun.  We’ve […]