A Christian Mother’s Version of Perfect Madness

I have posted this link on the Facebook pages of several friends, and then decided just to link it on my own blog.  I wish I had written it.  It gave me a good laugh, and good food for thought.  It put some of the silliness of Christian “living” into perspective.  I would have wrapped it […]

Whataburger responds to my Merry Christmas blog entry

After posting my blog entry on the Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays controversy, I received an email from Whataburger restaurants.  I think it is important for everyone to see.  Perhaps the author of the original letter was mistaken….or exaggerating to make his point.  Another reason why we shouldn’t take email forwards too seriously unless we have PERSONALLY […]

Interesting perspective on the Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays controversy.

A few years ago there was an email going around from a guy named Van.  Van, like many Christians, was pretty upset about folks trying to change Merry Christmas to Happy Holidays.  I didn’t forward the email because it was a bit obnoxious (and I don’t generally forward stuff) and I don’t appreciate obnoxious Christianity.  It’s not that […]

Weekly Devotional-by Michelle Skow

The following devotional was written by my dear friend Michelle Skow.  I have always been blessed by her insights on the scripture and I’m thrilled to be able to share her with you!  In Genesis 18:10-15, the Lord told Abraham that within a year Sarah would have a child. The Bible says that Sarah, old and […]