Hark! The Herald Angels Tweet

More than the scent of holly and pine
More than the sight of red bows and twine

More than the feel of snow on my cheeks
More than the taste of freshly baked treats

The sounds of Christmas make me aware
Of peace and good cheer filling the air

Are you listening? Sleigh bells ring
And Christmas carols we joyfully sing

“Ho, Ho, Ho!” Santa does greet
While the crunch of snow sounds under our feet

I hear from afar, the greeting of friends
And I hear from next door, the rattle of tins

One sound is amiss, I’m acutely aware
As I stand in one place, to figure out where

Where is the ringing so loud and clear?
Has the little red bucket been commandeered?

And then I see on her face the screen’s subtle glow
She can’t ring the bell when she’s texting her beau

I began to ponder technological gear
What if the first Christmas happened this year?

Joseph could have called ahead
And reserved a room with a King-sized bed

No angel voices filling the air
Shepherds download the tune, and happily share

The drummer boy would have texted the news
And his friends would have Tweeted their points of view

The Wise Men would not have followed a star
Because a GPS could direct them afar

Instead of frankincense, myrrh, precious gold
Jesus would get an iPod, iPad, and iPhone

He once said, “I am the way,”
Perhaps he predicted Christmas today

It boggles the mind when one stops to think
How everything changes as quick as a wink

Sadly, miracles would be prevented
The entire Christmas story circumvented

Because if Joseph had been of a technological mind
He would have just paid his taxes online

By Ginger Truitt
Copyright © 2013

About Ginger Truitt

Ginger is an author, speaker, and mother of five. Her award-winning newspaper column appears weekly across the Midwest. Recently, she was also published in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Parenthood.


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