Mrs. Boone County

This year will be the 50th annual Mrs. Boone County pageant!  The first Mrs. Boone County was Anne Graham, although at that time I think it was called Mrs. Liberty.  Since it is the 50th year and the announcements are in the paper asking folks to nominate candidates for this year’s Mrs. Boone, I decided I would share some photos of my 2005 reign.  After all, it’s not every day that a woman of my age and size wins a tiara! At first I wore it everywhere.  Even to the grocery store!  Abby wants to know if she can wear it in her wedding. At first I wasn’t sure.  After all, it is MY tiara!  But considering I’ve let her wear it for two halloweens in a row, once as Queen Esther and once as the daughter of Pharoah, I suppose I’ll let her wear it for her wedding too. ha!

Here I am immediately after winning.  Notice the stunned look on my face.

Okay, I didn’t look quite that good, but I was that stunned! I only wish it had occurred to me to wear a golden eagle plastered across my chest!

Here we are being introduced at the beginning. Isn’t my hubby a handsome fellow? Sigh….

This is my dad. That is Nathan’s mom in the background.
Abby and Me

Nathan and the kids threw a surprise party for me immediately after the pageant and all of our friends and family came.  I asked what he would have done if I hadn’t won, and his answer was perfect….”Win or lose, you deserve a party!”  At the party I opened all the gifts in the gift basket, including this certificate for a Dairy Queen cake.

Both Donaldson’s Chocolates and David Alan Chocolates donated to the gift basket.
Quote: I just realized I’m eating chocolates AND wearing a tiara!!

And of course Nathan bought boxes of Dilly Bars for the party, because an article I had written earlier that week, about how he is really particular about his Dilly Bars caused quite an unexpected uproar.  Four Dairy Queens thought it was about them when it really wasn’t about any one in particular.  I felt badly that it was taken the way it was.  The article really was about hubby.

Nephews Isaac and Caleb

My dear friend Mandy


The following picture is of Michelle.  I know she will want you to know that they had been on vacation and drove straight to the pageant.  Personally, I think she looks great no matter what.

With my beautiful sisters Mandee and Libbi

Just for the record, we also had cake, fruit, veggies, and general party food!

Here a couple of shots of the week leading up to the fourth of July.  Boone County celebrates all week long!

Decorated bike contest

With Mrs. Congeniality-Susan Steffy

Teen Anything Goes Contest

Little Miss Boone

Symphony at Sunset with several of the Mrs. B contestants.  We won
the decorated table contest!

With my daughters at the symphony.

Heading up a team for the Adult Anything Goes contest.

Taking one for the team…musical buckets of ice water!

Getting ready to go to the Fourth of July parade.

Riding in the fourth of July parade.  Guess what!  Magnetic signs do not stick to a fiberglass vehicle!

It really was a great experience and I would do it again, minus the DQ article.  For several weeks leading up to the pageant, the Fourth of July committee held parties, dinners, etc, so that the contestants could get to know one another.  The week of the fourth was extremely long and hot, but it was loads of fun!  If you know someone who should be nominated, get that nomination in ASAP!!  This fiftieth year promises to be very exciting!!

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Ginger is an author, speaker, and mother of five. Her award-winning newspaper column appears weekly across the Midwest. Recently, she was also published in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Parenthood.


  1. Michelle says:

    Well at least you put in the part about traveling all day! Ick! Other than that picture, it was fun to look back at all those pictures. What a fun night. I still get chills when I remember Sam calling your name! I’m so glad you shared your beautiful memories and pictures! Love you!

  2. First question: Can you win again?

    Second question: If you can’t win again, can I win even though I don’t live in Boone County?

    It just looks like too much fun to pass up!

  3. suzie glenn says:

    On Facebook I started a page for FORMER Boone Co ,”royalty” would love for you to stop by and post a picture of your reign.
    I was Little Miss in 1977
    My Mom Linda Turley was 1971

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